May 2, 2014 christa

Amanda Products Takes Over Jeep Beach

Off-roading is an exhilarating activity that requires not only an adventurous spirit, but also the right equipment. At Amanda Products, a manufacturer of top-quality off-road accessories, they understand this need better than anyone else. That’s why they have designed the SPECTATOR RECOVERY STATION, a game-changing product that has been generating conversation and brand awareness at off-road community events like Jeep Beach and King of the Hammers.

The SPECTATOR RECOVERY STATION, designed by M3D for Amanda Products, is a brilliant invention that combines practicality with style. This product offers attendees at off-road events the chance to recharge their electronic devices, stay hydrated with free water, and learn more about Amanda Products’ innovative line of off-road accessories.

The reactions from attendees at these events have been phenomenal, with many stopping in for a closer look and expressing their amazement at the ingenuity of the product. Some were so impressed that they even tried to buy the sample hooks on the spot, but were directed to Amanda Products’ online store instead.

Despite the scorching heat at these off-road events, the SPECTATOR RECOVERY STATION remained a hot spot. With a mountain of free water, the brand ambassadors were able to offer a refreshing respite to attendees who were struggling to stay hydrated. In fact, the diminishing height of the water stacks nearly served as a timekeeper for the rising temperatures.

The Amanda Products brand team was thrilled with the response to the SPECTATOR RECOVERY STATION at these events. They were grateful to everyone who stopped by their tent and appreciated the Mid Florida Jeep Club for putting together an amazing Jeep Beach 2014. As one of their team members said, “somehow it all comes together at the end.” And that’s exactly what happened – the SPECTATOR RECOVERY STATION was a huge hit, generating conversation and brand awareness for Amanda Products, and showing off their commitment to innovation in the off-road industry.