January 26, 2016 christa

Now a Certified WBE

M3D Experiences (Now Memora) Earns National Certification from the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council

Detroit, Michigan – January 26, 2016

WBENC certification as a women-owned business is one of the most widely recognized confirmations in the nation.  It’s a designation that opens doors; it’s respected by hundreds of corporations and many federal, state, and local government agencies. A rigorous application process assures ownership, management, and daily operation are legitimate.

CEO Melissa Halpin says “As one of the few woman owned experience design agencies in the country, We are honored to receive this important third party endorsement. Our team has always embraced and reflected diversity – from the range of ages to the fact that there are far more women than men. We are a varied group with experience serving a wide range of nationally known brands.”

Our creative and technical capability is also a diversity story in a sense – in terms of skills and collaborative effort. Many of our experienced professionals come from unique career paths, which differentiates us from the classic specialist agency structure. Halpin explains, “What makes us special is product engineers, museum developers, digital art directors, and traditional media talent working together to create innovative solutions for a wide range of projects.”

WBENC certification is especially meaningful as Halpin, and her team work to be part of Detroit’s economic development. They look forward to connecting with corporate decision-makers tasked with assuring supply chain diversity.