March 24, 2018 christa

Art of the Frame

Mac Galleries, a beloved art and framing business, is expanding its retail space and digital services in Detroit’s Live 6 neighborhood. We designed their new flagship gallery space in addition to creating new branding, building a website landing page for news and updates, and planning for a custom visualizer app. 


An original Carl Owens drawing with frame and mat by Mac Galleries.


As an approved Motor City Match service provider, we often partner with entrepreneurs like Mac Galleries to grow their businesses. We deliver everything from interior architecture design and social media campaigns to new websites, business collateral and launch events.

We focus on learning everything about our clients’ business ideas and we partner with them to make these dreams a reality. It’s our privilege to participate so closely throughout this process, and we love delivering across experiences for each client.

Sometimes that partnership even goes two ways, as we’ve called on Mac Galleries to provide beautiful, custom art pieces for some of our retail and office design projects.

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