December 26, 2022 christa

Meet the Team: Marvin Shaouni

It’s possible you’re Memora contributor and friend Marvin Shaouni if you’re photographing the tea harvest in Hangzhou, China or playing bass in Detroit. Photographer Marvin Shaouni specializes in portrait, food, industrial, and lifestyle photography in editorial and advertising.

Here’s the thing. He may be a nationally-known, in-demand photographer, but his roots are in Detroit. Whether he’s working on Memora projects or portraits of entrepreneurs, he’s candid, insightful, and keeps a realistic perspective.

“I enjoy telling stories that help people communicate their mission, product, or service in a unique way. As a visual storyteller, I want to convey how makers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and other inspiring figures are changing our world.”

Over the years, we’ve engaged Marvin on many projects for both our entrepreneur and corporate clients. As part of Memora’s design for the new Paralee Boyd Salon in Detroit’s Midtown, Marvin produced a wall of photos of clients and friends. It’s a striking part of the salon, even getting a mention in Forbes. Memora’s favorite project was a series of exterior, vehicle fleet, and leadership shots for GTM USA, our Livonia transportation and logistics client.

Memora has assembled a team of seasoned professionals over the last decade. No matter the size or status of the client, we choose creatives with proven experience like Marvin. He appreciates our collaborative approach, thoroughness, and respect for his ideas and opinions. Further, he enjoys working with our mixed-size client base and offering high-level creative services to smaller businesses.

From photography to video

Marvin has a specific method that begins with extensive research. To determine a company, team, or individual’s objectives, he prepares a checklist. Before picking up a camera, he creates a mood board with the client’s desired tone, design sensibilities, and priorities.

“Regardless of the scope of a project, it all starts with listening to your clients needs / understanding their creative brief and then asking informed questions. First and foremost, I’m trying to determine what they’re trying to accomplish and what their expectations are.”

An approach born from a mind that pursues multiple creative streams at once. His career began with a camera gifted to him by his father and a job at a photo lab, but he pursued music first. He still plays with his band Blueflowers, and he maintains that creatives should not be confined to one medium. No matter what you do, learning a new skill will enhance your primary work. We agree, looking at Marvin’s vivid and varied portfolio.