May 1, 2022 christa

Virtual is Here to Stay

In the past year, a number of companies have realized what we already knew, namely that virtual work works. M3D has a strong track record of organizing our teams properly, selecting the appropriate collaborative tools, and identifying contributors who are capable of adapting to changing conditions. This prepared us for the disruption that we have all experienced as a result.

As a result, we were able to create successful solutions for clients, clarify expectations and outcomes, and eliminate wasted time.

Have you had any of your clients reach out to you in order to reposition themselves during this time of change? We have. As uncertainty has become the norm in the business world, businesses of all sizes have been seeking out advisors they can trust. Partners who are able to understand their vision, do good work whatever the world is doing, regardless of what is happening in the world. We continue to work with our clients because they know we will protect and even reimagine their brand if necessary.

When it comes to clients, we’re all proficient enough in various conference platforms to tell Zoom jokes that most people will get. The pandemic forced online communications to the forefront for many for the first time. Since virtual collaboration was already the norm for us, our partnerships continued unabated as well. As an alternative to learning curves, it served as a source of inspiration and reassurance for our clients instead.

virtual work

But should this trend persist, post Covid? We say yes.

Here’s why our model works: 

Virtual agencies offer diverse perspectives

Our contributors come from diverse backgrounds, including regional and industry differences, giving us a unique perspective on how messages differ across the country.

Flexibility is baked into every aspect of our work

Due to the fact that we have no fixed office hours or schedule, our contributors are able to respond rapidly to unexpected or unusual requests from clients. We are able to maintain a unified design and messaging across multiple platforms while simultaneously handling a wide range of projects at the same time.

Relationships are everything

As a company, we do not believe in using gimmicks to get a job done, nor do we hire just anyone for a position. The people we hire go above and beyond to understand what is truly important to each client. Everyone involved benefits from this overall feeling of trust and solidarity.

Senior talent works

We match each project with seasoned experts from a variety of creative disciplines and our goal is to give them the space and freedom to design, build, and write when, where, and how they want.

Integrity counts

We require our contributors to be loyal, hard-working, no-nonsense, and brilliant at what they do in order to provide excellent content. In order to ensure our clients’ success, we want them to know they can count on us.

Our creatives have a better chance of focusing on their creativity when distractions and unnecessary externalities are removed. In-person ideation and brainstorming remain valuable tools. Our creativity won’t be sapped by office gossip, endless meetings, or long commutes.

As a company, we don’t consider virtual to be a fad. Having used this model for a decade and counting, we now have long-term contributors from all over the country, including hubs in Detroit and San Francisco. They have helped us become a responsive, flexible, and creative agency that keeps clients happy and grows.